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Running everywhere at such a speed, 'til they find that there's no need

we're gonna find out where you fans really stand

27 January
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Paul is Drummerlicious Love
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And so are lots of other things I have no colour bars for.

I like lots of bands and watching movies and talking to friends and going to clubs.
1776, 20 years ago today, 69 love songs, alex kapranos, amanda palmer, anne frank, anyone/spoon, aretha franklin, autolux, avenue q, babyshambles, bang bang, bare, bare a pop opera, beatles, big fish, boots, brian may, bruce springsteen, bullets in bibles, busby berkeley dreams, bye bye birdie, can cans, chicago, chumscrubber, david bowie, doing dallas, douglas adams, drag, dresden dolls, dropkick murphys, drums, editors, elliott smith, ewan mcgregor, explosions in the sky, failing to panic, fast food nation, fiddler on the roof, fifty pills, final cut, flaming things, franz ferdinand, getting lost, hair, hairspray, health insurance, hieronymus bosch, how fucking romantic, i, infra-red, ink stained fingers, jellyfish, john lennon, john voss, js bach, justin cobb, kill bill, king for a day, kleptomania, la vie boheme, leather jackets, lee, lemony snicket, liff, lonely heart clubs, looking glass ties, lou pucci, lou taylor pucci, magic, mark/joanne, meddle, mismatched socks, monty python's flying circus, moulin rouge, musicals, my fair lady, nick mccarthy, nick mccarthy's ass, nimrod, norbert leo butz, obcrs, odd couple, oliver, paul mccartney, paul thomson, personal velocity, piano, pinestripes, pink floyd, placebo, poofy eyeliner smudged things, pucci, purple submarines, queen, roger waterrrs, roger waters, sexy boys, simon and garfunkel, smut, sound of music, southland tales, spamalot, staged dressing room orgies, the beatles, the go-getter, the killers, the magnetic fields, the new scottish gentry, the polyphonic spree, the producers, the queen is dead, the smiths, the wall, the wallflowers, the who, the zombies, thumbsucker, tick tick boom, tight pants, tom lehrer, towels, tv on the radio, velvet underground, venus in furs, wacky hats, west side story, wicked, wish you were here, yes virginia, you