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what you're missing, will show, if you should try to kiss her - Running everywhere at such a speed, 'til they find that there's no need [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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what you're missing, will show, if you should try to kiss her [Mar. 10th, 2007|01:29 pm]
[music |dressy bessy]

Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play!
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 25 songs that play!
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from!
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly!
P.S: no cheating and pasting the lyrics into a search engine

I only ever update this to do music surveys anymore. But I like doign this one. And don't worry, I still obsessivly stalk all of your LiveJournals because i don't have anything else to do.

1. You don't have to go home, but you can't, stay, heeere
2. We started to spend my money, she started to calling me honey, we took in every cabaret in town
3. Will the work get done, well no one knows, it remains a mysteryyyy
4. Now the night was bright, and the stars threw light, ona Billy and Davy, dancing in the moonlight
5. All the memories of the pubs and the clubs and the drugs and the tubs we shared together
6. My girl, my giiiiiirl, don't liiie to meee
7. You were my husband, my wife, my heroin
8. When I think, of things we did, it makes me wanna cryyy, we said our goodbyyyyyes, ahh the [song title!]
9. If i should choose to fall apart, don't you think you should let me?
10. good girl, right foot, left foot, just the way we showed you
11. 2, 1 2 3 4, the only girl i've ever loved, was born with roses in her eyes
12. only love can make it rain
13. and the silver in her hair, shines in the cold november air
14. found my coat, and grabbed my hat, made the bus, in seconds flat
15. and every time I hear a growl, I'll know the tiger's on the prowl, and I'll be really safe, you know, the elephant, he todl me so
16. Something kind of hit me today
17. I'm on a roll, no self control, blwoing off steam with methamphetamine
18. And in the middle of the celebrations, I break down
19. I want to sink my teeth into, skin I can't see through
20. Let's play some tetris, motherfucker
21. We spent five days inside your room. i played at yoko, you were john. We dropped out, tuned in, got turned on
22. you shoudn't come around here, singing up at people like that, anyway, what you gonna do about it?
23. have to catch an early train, got to be to work by nine. and if I had an airplane still wouldn't make it on time
24. No, I don't, want to see her
25. When I feel down, I want you above me

[User Picture]From: cloutier
2007-03-10 08:42 pm (UTC)
20. Let's play some tetris, motherfucker

THE TETRIS SONG? I have the Tetris song. And the techno Tetris song. But it doesn't say LET'S PLAY SOME TETRIS MOTHERFUCKER but I saw a youtube video with the techno Tetris song and it said that. I'm prolly wrong though so ignore me *corner*
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[User Picture]From: prince_derik
2007-03-10 08:49 pm (UTC)
OMG can you send me the tetris song? I woudl love you forevvvvver, even though I already do, I would like x 2. http://download.yousendit.com/357446C001FE39A2 That's the angry motherfucker version, it's techno and then it explodes. But anyway, totally 100% right! if i knew how to strike them out I would
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[User Picture]From: cloutier
2007-03-10 09:36 pm (UTC)

I threw in some songs from Tetris Classic too. Enjoy!
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[User Picture]From: prince_derik
2007-03-10 09:51 pm (UTC)
sam, you so win
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[User Picture]From: reality_free
2007-03-10 10:22 pm (UTC)
11 is Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel

25 is I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick (or some other version, they all have the same lyrics so idk)

24 is Girlfriend in a Coma by The Smiths

10 is Gravity by The Dresden Dolls

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[User Picture]From: cozy_towel
2007-03-10 11:59 pm (UTC)
1. Weird al polka verson, i assume?
2. We're In the Jailhouse Now
3. I lose ;-;
4. ...it's not dancing in the mooonlight, wtf is it? *searches* ...ew wtf
5. music when the lights go out
6. my girl - nirvana
7. Bluebells?
8. The night beforeeeee
9. ?
10. cry ?
11. holland, 1945
12. god i lose
13. hah, i win at the pink floyd. it's in the final cut.
14. a day in the lifeeeee
16. diamond dogs?
17. geek stink breath
18. abbey road medly <3
19. I want to sink my teeth into, skin I can't see through (i'm not answering this one cuase then i'd have to deelete the lyrics and <3)
20. awww i lose to sam
21. amphetameanies <3
22. romeo and juliet
23. i don't lknow ;-;
24. girlfriend in a coma
25. When I feel down, I want you above me
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[User Picture]From: lorenedrive
2007-03-11 03:45 am (UTC)
19. forgive durden?
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[User Picture]From: prince_derik
2007-03-11 03:57 am (UTC)
you win! nobody else knows who they are and it makes me sad
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